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Brakes are devices which slow or stop the movement of a vehicle. This important component of the car is classified according to its structural characteristics. The braking system typical for cars can be the front disc brake, the rear brake disc, the rear drum brake.

Drum brakes are the simplest and most economical solution,widely used for cars and motorcycles for a long time. They consist of a rotating cylinder and two jaws produced with a friction material exerting pressure on the drum from the inside, and braking in this way the rotation.
As for disc brakes, they have a disc on which the caliper holding the brake pads exercises its action. The calipers are made up of a metal base on which a friction material slows down and finally stops the vehicle.

Nowadays, disc brakes have almost completely replaced drum brakes, the use of which is now limited to low-cylinder capacity scooters and some small cars.
General Ricambi is specialized in the production of brakes for the most important Italian and international car manufacturers, thanks to the accuracy of its processing and a multi-year experience in the automotive industry which is the basis of the trust established with collaborators, partners and customers.


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