Power steering pumps

The power steering pump, also called vane pump, is a system driven by the movement of the crankshaft by means of pulley and belt. It has the function of pushing the oil through the pipes up to the power steering system, in which there is a reservoir that, during the steering, introduces the oil into a piston which acts as a lever on the steering.

What is a power steering pump?

In order to understand what a power steering pump is, it is necessary to define properly the meaning of “power steering”. In cars, power steering helps drivers steer the vehicle by augmenting steering effort of the steering wheel.

How does a power steering pump works?

Essentially and despite the various different configurations, a power steering pump works accordingly always to the same general principle:

  • A slotted rotor is eccentrically supported in a cycloidal cam, and located close to the wall of the cam in order to create a crescent-shaped cavity. The rotor is sealed into the cam by two sideplates and, as it rotates and fluid enters the pump, the vanes are pushed to the walls of the house by centrifugal force, hydraulic pressure, and/or pushrods.
  • The housing and cam push fluid into the pumping chamber using specific holes in the cam and the fluid penetrates the pockets creates by the vanes, cam, rotor and sideplate.
  • The rotor continues its rotation while the vanes sweep the fluid to the opposite side of the crescent. There, the fluid is squeezed through discharge holes of the came and finally exists the discharge ports.

Now that we know what a power steering pump is and how it works, let’s take a look at its main advantages:

  • A power steering pump handles thin liquids at relatively high pressures
  • A power steering pump develops good vacuum
  • A power steering pump can run dry for short periods of time
  • A power steering pump is able to compensate for wear thanks to its vane extension
  • A power steering pump can have one seal or stuffing box

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