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Every year, General Ricambi manufactures 70,000 power steering rackswith a complete Made in Italy design. In 2013, we invested our resources in this production process by setting up a fully dedicated laboratory for regeneration spare parts and test benches of the next generation to provide our customers with a high performance and excellent product.


In the preparatory and preliminary step, the power steering rack is subjected to an accurate disassembly and washing phase, as well as visual and technical tests that can validate the possibility of regenerating the part. This first production step takes place in the recently opened General Ricambi’s laboratory, where you can find a perfect combination of cutting edge technology and human expertise.

Every single component of our power steering racks is produced in Italy so that we can guarantee the excellence of a product characterized by maximum performance. Our production methodology also allows us to maintain the regeneration process efficiently, using only the necessary components and avoiding unnecessary waste. The production step is monitored by special software so as to further reduce drastically any possible error.
During the assembly of the power steering rack, the first step involves the insertion of the specific extractor for removal at the centre of the power steering system pipe and the subsequent insertion of the new seal. Finally, the rack is inserted.

The second step of the assembly consists of replacing the elastic bandages of the pinion and replacing the seal of the distribution and buffer drawer.
During the third step the buffer seeger is inserted and the upper distribution drawer seal is replaced. Then the pinion and its bell and the corresponding couplings are inserted with an OR replacement. Finally, the positioning and assembly of the new teflon coating is carried out.

In the fourth step, the tamper is adjusted and the coupling/sliding of the power steering system is performed with arms and boots.
The last step of production involves testing through a specific pressure bench.


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