Electric power steering pumps

The electric power steering pump, or EHPS (Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering), is the evolution of the conventional power steering pump.

In EHPS systems the operating pressure is no longer generated by a belt connected to the engine, as in traditional power steering systems, but by an electric engine that provides the exact level of power required for steering.
The electric power steering pump delivers maximum power when the vehicle is stationary, for example during parking, and reduces power output at increased speed, making steering more stable.

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Theelectric hydro-drive pumpoperates an oil hydraulic mechanism designed tofacilitate steeringby the vehicle’s driver. Theelectric hydro-drive’s pumpfunction is, from a theoretical point of view, rather simple and incredibly effective: when the driver turns the steering wheel to the left or right, theelectric hydro-drive pump, which is connected to the crankshaft, applieshydraulic pressureto the steering that amplifies the “mechanical” steering exertion carried out by the driver.

The composition ofthe electric hydro-drive pumpprovides that an endless screw inside the column, the so-called aglobescrewand shares a distributor placed inside the steering box. In this way, the oil flows towards an operator cylinder which, through specific tubes, determines actions on the front wheels.

Theelectric hydro-drive pumpenables the handling of larger vehicles without the driver having to exert particular effort on the steering wheel.



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