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General Ricambi has always considered the production of driveshafts as essential for its business, investing in 2011 in a fully automated station to increase the annual production capacity exponentially. The modern equipment also allows us to reduce to zero the raw material waste rate, contributing not only to considerable economic savings, but also to minimizing the environmental impact of waste production from waste processing.


Our turning station consists of a steel bar warehouse with an overhead lifting device which loads an entire 1000 kg steel bundle, a CTS (ralc) saw to cut the steel bars and to produce the centre holes, a Biglia B1200E lathe and an ABB robotic arm to move the parts from one machine to another and store them in special boxes, with which they are sent to the next processing steps.

The steel bars are then subjected to the work of single rolling burnishing machine, the only one of its kind in Italy: our equipment has the characteristics to process steel not with metalcutting processing but with metalforming processing. Through the use of low temperatures and the pressure force exerted by the racks, the roller burnishing machine allows to completely avoid the production waste whilst guaranteeing the integrity of the processed steel.

The processed parts are then subjected to quality controls and are intended for heat treatment, a process that enables rods to reach the specifications of hardness required by General Ricambi for a product of absolute excellence.
Depending on the type of driveshaft required by the customer, the product may subsequently undergo further grinding or turning processes. In the final phase of the production process, each piece is subject to a straightening check of the rod ensuring its total reliability.

At this point, the rods are ready to undergo the processes required for the transformation into axles certified by ISO 9001: 9008 and ISO/TS 16949.
The perfect integration between Information Technology and mechanics guaranteed by our equipment, completely eliminates the defects in the production of our axles and guarantees, in addition to a constant monitoring by our specialized technicians, supervising ad hoc programs for detecting even minimal differences. General Ricambi’s axles production is, at international level, synonymous with excellence.


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