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EPS is a system commonly mounted on small and medium-size cars which replaces the power steering system. This component works mostly on a stationary vehicle, while it decreases its effect and switches off when the speed of the vehicle increases.


The EPS has two operating modes, called City or Normal (or Sport).
In the City mode, the driver’s effort on the steering wheel is reduced. The advantages of the EPS are:

  • No unnecessary fuel consumption thanks to exclusive operation only when the power assisted steering is needed
  • Easy to replace
  • Easy calibration
  • Reduced operating noise
  • System open to new technologies, especially in terms of security
  • Its work combined with ESP and ABS enables active traction return and a reduction of oscillations in the event of a sudden steering or braking

General Ricambi is specialized in the revision and regeneration of EPS power steering systems.
In the case of a revision, the equipment is monitored and tuned to verify the conditions, while during the regeneration a complete renovation of the pieces is carried out, obtaining the highest quality equipment.

The preliminary step of any revision or regeneration of an EPS power steering system involves careful checking of all its components by our specialized technicians. With the help of a diagnostic tool, a first evaluation of the electromechanical state of the device is carried out.

The next step concerns the EPS disassembly: this operation is carried out again by the technician in order to ensure a good revision or regeneration.
In the third step of the process, mechanical or electronic components that do not conform – or that may have operational wear – are replaced or regenerated. Subsequently, the revised or regenerated components are assembled and simultaneously subjected to a first check on their electromechanical functionality.

In the next step, the EPS is tested on test bench and with diagnostic tool. At the successful outcome of the electromechanical test, the power steering system is declared conforming.
In the sixth step, defined as stamping and signing, EPS is uniquely marked by stamping and therefore included in the EPS electronic log. Finally, the working and conforming piece is sent to the warehouse department for packaging.


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