To understand what exactly a power steering pump is, you need to take a step back and review the principles of the steering system.

The steering system, also known as the steering wheel, can be defined as the set of elements for managing and controlling the wheels of a vehicle. Its goal is that of changing the direction the vehicle and the power steering pump has the purpose of facilitating this process, guaranteeing minor exertion of energy by the vehicle’s driver.

The power steering pump is the result of a technological development in the automotive sector, which has always aimed to increase key factors such as functionality, comfort and safety.

The electric power steering pump is generally used on small or economical vehicles and consists of the implementation of the mechanical rack steering gear by adding a small motor that facilitates steering.

The hydraulic power steering pump, often defined also with the term of hydro drive or hydro-steering, is based essentially on the same principle without the presence of the rack and guarantees:

  • Reduced impact on fuel consumption
  • Greater comfort for the driver
  • Lighter steering
  • Increased agility with a stationary car
  • Greater agility during the parking phase
  • Greater agility in the most complex manoeuvres

The power steering hydraulic pump facilitates steering the vehicle and can be used successfully even on very heavy cars. We can define the power steering pump as an additional component of the steering wheel, i.e. a tool that controls a vehicle’s wheels by changing their direction.

The hydraulic power steering pump has undergone many improvements over the years, so as to ensure an increasingly increased quality standard associated with a greater safety on the road.

Power steering pump: where to buy it

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